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Mavericks Baseball Club

Mavericks is one of the largest non-profit travel baseball clubs on the Kitsap Peninsula. Located on Bainbridge Island, Mavericks is in the 7th year of providing specialized training to baseball players ages 9-18.  Mavericks mission is to provide our communities youth with education and developmental training, while cultivating good sportsmanship & love of the game. Our indoor training center is available to local sports organizations to also use for this same purpose. Please contact us for more information.

What's New...

Mavericks is 1 of  the 123 Non-Profits in the 2017/2018 One Call For All, red envelope community support program. 

The Red Envelope campaign has been around since 1960, supporting non-profits in the Kitsap region.  This unique fund drive connects donors & volunteers with local non-profit organizations, such as the Mavericks.

Here's some interesting facts to help educate everyone on this wonderful organization:

  • 100% of the money received by OCFA goes directly to the non-profit(s) the donors designate.
  • OCFA is run by one part-time Executive Director, along with a working, all-volunteer board with broad community representation.
  • OCFA makes giving easy! Island residents can easily and securely donate to multiple organizations using a simple donor form included in the annual Red Envelope campaign materials or on their web site. They also absorb all Credit Card transaction fees, they do not pass these back / or deduct from the Non-Profits donations.
  • The annual campaign was just launched, and your Red Envelopes have now arrived at your homes. Contributions are welcome throughout the year, but the majority of donations come in from Oct thur Dec.
  • Over the last ten years One Call for All has distributed over $11 million to non-profit organizations that touch your family and serve our Island Community.
  • One Call for All’s™ annual Red Envelope campaign helps reduce direct mail solicitation for every Bainbridge household and fundraising costs for island non-profits.
  • Most donors contribute to approx 7 non-profits in this campaign.  Mavericks can now be 1 of them.  
  • Every donation made to Mavericks that's $20 or more, Mavericks will receive 1 Share from the Community Fund. At the end of the campaign those shares Mavericks earned from the Community Fund will translate into extra dollars donated to the Mavericks organization.  

I encourage the Mavericks Organization to embrace the Red Envelope campaign for 2 main reasons:

1.) It helps support the other non-profits in our community.  By Mavericks promoting this campaign, we are supporting our community and 'giving back.'

2.) It helps bring in add'l donations to the Mavericks organization to help pay for the Indoor Training Center, Scholarships, and quality programs.

Thank you for your support.  Please click BELOW on the RED BAR that says DONATE.

Mavericks Baseball

Mavericks Baseball

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